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The Secret Enemy

Posted: December 18, 2008 in motivation

Who is the Secret Enemy? More importantly… What is the secret enemy?

Well, I’ll let you know it’s not what you think it is….

It’s not all the “naysayers” who say “You Can’t!”

It’s not all the tough circumstances you face every day! It’s not a lack of talent….Or strength….Or Motivation….Or even discipline!

Then, what is it you ask….? It’s COMFORT!

Comfort is the Enemy of Success! It’s the Secret Enemy that no one really exposes.

Reason? We all chase it!

Yes, me too!

We want more of “THIS.” And less of “THAT.”

ALL of it adds up to….COMFORT!

Think about it! When have YOU been most MOTIVATED to do something – not just think about it, but actually DO SOMETHING? I can almost guarantee that it wasn’t because you felt so good about yourself or current place in life.

Do you need a reason to get Motivated?

Do you have trouble staying Motivated?

Take a “Personal Inventory!” YOU know… list the things that you WANT & NEED to change….For the better! Go ‘head, do it. Don’t just sit there, make an actual list. It is a very powerful and eye-opening experience.

Now, take a look at your list and ask yourself, “Which ITEMS on my list am I most UNCOMFORTABLE with….In other words, YOU do not like the situation, condition, status, etc. and YOU want a CHANGE for the better!

Take the ONE ITEM that is Most Important to you and create another list!

This new list is your “NEED To DO” list!

In fact, this will be the beginning of creating and developing a PLAN to “GET AFTER” your Goal(s). You want a better life…want to feel healthier for the New Year….need to lose some weight? It doesn’t matter…whatever your goals are, you NEED to GET AFTER them. But how you say?

It all starts from YOU ( & I ) not being COMFORTABLE….And DOING something specific to make a change for the better! There’s a saying that goes…”Successful people make a HABIT of doing things they don’t like to do”. I don’t know who said it, but I love this quote. It makes me strive to make a change for the better and get out of my comfort zone. You know, sometimes, in order to get what you want and need, you need to be uncomfortable. But when you have your enemy hovering over your shoulder, saying it’s ok to stay comfortable, well then are you really going to get what you need and want?

Man, I’m Fired-Up!

Listen, I have to go – I’m so Uncomfortable right now….I’ve got work to do….To make a Positive Difference! I want to help as many people as I can by reaching out and touching people, inspiring people to DO SOMETHING…Something POSITIVE…something to make them realize the MOST IMPORTANT assest people have is their HEALTH!!

How ’bout YOU? Are YOU uncomfortable yet?

WATCH OUT! The Secret Enemy is trying to creep into your heart and mind….

The Secret Enemy is trying to trick you into thinking that COMFORT is good for you….

To stay in the same comfortable spot and resist change….Change for the Better!

Remember, Comfort is the Enemy of SUCCESS!

Stay Uncomfortable…. Get after your goals and be a success and tell your enemy to beat it!

It’s your life… “Peak your health, Condition your body!!”

To killing your enemy and being a success, here’s wishing you the health and prosperity you deserve,

Todd D.

Peak Condition LLC
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Happy Holidays Everybody!


Let me ask you a question…

Remember back when you were a kid?

Back before X-box, the internet and the Wii, Playstation and cellphones, when fun was anything but sitting still?

Think of all the things that YOU DID during the winter to play, stay active and enjoy yourself.

:: Sledding anytime there was a hint of snow.

:: Building everything from snowmen to forts or little igloos.

:: You might have even thrown a snowball once or twice. (I know I threw my fair share!)

:: Playing football in the snow just so you could slip and slide all over the place and have fun!

:: Maybe you suited up, put on your skates and went to a local pond to ice skate.

Heck, I even got a bunch of kids from the neighborhood together and we played frisbee in the snow! That was FUN! Who cared about how cold it was? You just wanted to get outside and PLAY!

And if you were inside, winter seemed to bring out the best in your creative side.

:: Building clubhouses with anything you could gather from chairs and boxes to pillows and blankets.

:: Creating all sorts of different scenes with your toys that usually covered your entire bedroom floor. (My five year old currently does this now, just like when we were kids)

:: Running around the house for any reason you could think of, always to the frustration of your parents : )

I don’t know about you, but those were some of the BEST times of my life.

So make sure that your kids get those types of experiences too. Especially during the winter.

I know we are living in different times, but winter does not mean you and your kids can’t have fun. You just have to be creative, just like you were when you were a kid. Here’s a few ideas:

:: Play games with them that require them to move and be imaginative. (Anyone remember Twister? Play this with them, it is a lot of FUN!)

:: Build things with them. Let them know how fun boxes, chairs, pillows and blankets can be. Be a kid again. I guarantee you will have FUN!

:: Clear out some space and wrestle with your kids. Not only do kids love to “wrestle”, both girls and boys, but it is a total body “workout” for you and gets both of you moving. Just keep it safe. Wrestling with them doesn’t have to be “wild and crazy”. In a contained area, it can be a lot of FUN for you and your kids, as not only will your kids enjoy some “play time” with you and gets their bodies moving, but your body gets a workout too with all the bending, twisting, dodging and movement that you’ll get doing this.

An even better place to do this would be outside. Bundle up and go have some fun for a half hour. The kids will love it! I wrestle with my 5 year old son almost every nite and used to do this with my daughter until she became a teen. Now, she exercises with me in my home gym. (And guess what, we still “fool around wrestle style” from time to time….um, all depends on her teen moods, nuff said)

That brings me to…

:: Get outside. Don’t let the winter stop you. Try these two ideas for some fun activities for both you and the kids.

:: When we get some snow, building snowmen and sledding are still as fun as ever.

:: If there is no snow, take the opportunity to spend some quality time with your kids by taking a walk around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights one evening. It’s both invigorating to be out and moving and very rewarding.

Your kids may be part of a different generation, but I guarantee that if you share some of the favorite winter activities from your childhood – they’ll love them just as much as you did!

Now go have some FUN! : )

In health and happiness,

~Todd D.

Peak Condition LLC
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