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New Years Resolution

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you had an awesome holiday and here’s wishing you a fantastic 2012!

That said, every year people always seem to strive hard to start off the New Year with a good beginning. It’s like we get a clean slate to start over and so many people make “resolutions”.

What is a resolution anyway? WikiAnswers states that a “resolution is a formal expression on opinion. Resolution means to solve a problem. It is the solution to a conflict/problem”.

Now would it be safe to say we all have conflicts or problems that we need to solve? Problem is, we don’t always find a solution to fix our problem, so we get caught in the psychological trap that the coming of a New Year will help bring a new resolution to a problem we haven’t yet fixed.

We plan with the best laid intentions to fulfill our resolutions, but somehow only a select few have the mental willpower, tenacity and relentlessness to keep up their resolutions until they solve their problem.

I don’t have the answer on how to give you the ability to see your resolutions through. However, I can offer you this piece of advice…

How bad do you REALLY want to solve your problem/conflict? If you want it BAD enough, you will succeed in fulfilling your resolution(s).

So, how bad DO you want it? If it really means that much to you, like getting enough air to breathe, then you will achieve your goals.

Let me give you an example…                                 

How Bad Do You Want It

A young man went to a “guru” and said he wanted to make money and be successful. The “guru” asked him how bad does he want to be successful? “Bad, sir, real bad”. The “guru” said ok son, that’s good, follow me, and walked waist deep into a lake. The young man was puzzled and told the guru that he didn’t want to learn how to swim, he wants to make money and be successful. With that, the guru pushed the man’s head into the water and held it there for several seconds as the man thrashed about. When the guru let him up, the young man was gasping for air. Angry and confused, he asked the guru why he tried to drown him? The guru calmly looked at him and said, “Son, how bad did you want to breathe? You thrashed about wildly, fighting mightily to get the most precious thing there is in life, oxygen, the ability to breathe. You wanted air so bad you did everything you could to get it. Now how bad do you want to be successful? If you want it bad enough, you will do everything in your power to get what you want”.

Okay, so how bad do you really want to make some changes, or resolve some conflict, or fix some problem? If you don’t want it bad enough, then I suggest not even getting caught up in the trap of setting New Year’s resolutions.

As a matter of fact, did you know that in 2010 reported that “experts say most people will fail at following through on their resolutions”.

What I really find interesting is that CNN also reported that the number one New Years resolution every year is to LOSE WEIGHT.

If this is on your 2012 New Years resolution list, might I suggest either heeding my example above about the “guru” or following these simple tips offered by Clinical Psychologist Mark Crawford of Roswell, Georgia:

1. Be specific about your goal.

“Saying that you want to lose weight is way too general,” Crawford said. “You should set specific goals, like you want to lose 5 to 10 pounds.”

2. Set a realistic goal.

Make sure you set something achievable and sustainable.

3. Establish a plan to reach your goal.

“Say things like I’m going to exercise four times a week, and I’m going to eat smaller portions,” said Crawford.

4. Set a time frame to reach your goal.

“Thirty days is a manageable goal to start with, and then go from there,” he said.

Above all, Crawford says stay the course. “You will make mistakes,” he said.”You will have slip-ups, it is part of it.” But never use it as an excuse to give up.

The National Institutes of Health notes “the key to successful weight loss is making changes in your eating and physical activity habits that you can keep up for the rest of your life.”

Of course being a Fitness Professional for over 15 years, and a health advocate on some level for over 25 years, I would agree with CNN, the NIH and Crawford’s recommendations.

However, one final thought I would like to add on this whole New Year’s resolution concept is:  Although getting healthy and losing weight should be high on anyone’s priorities, and not just as a New Year’s resolution, I also think that your 2012 resolutions should include loving family members.

Every family member is dependent on each other and so spending time with family is very essential. Many successful businessmen and women throughout history have been quoted that one of their biggest regrets is not spending enough time with their families when they could’ve. Spending time with the family gives a person a chance to know each other, share feelings with each other, share sorrow and joy, share in triumphs and setbacks. This resolution combined with leading a healthier and fit lifestyle are indeed important resolutions that will give you deeper fulfillment in life.  It will make you feel better too! : )

Just remember to stick to it, never give in to excuses, never give up, and get after it like it’s as important as the air you need to breathe!

I would like to wrap up with one last thought.  Give the gift of health!

Whether it’s a juicer or food processor, a gift card to a local health food store, a fresh fruit or veggie platter, massage or acupuncture treatment, a good clean eating cook book, or a gift certificate to a local gym or personal trainer, give your loved ones something meaningful and healthy for them as a wonderful way to show you care and start their New Year off on the right foot! (I got my wife a food processor and cook book).

As always, I would love for you to share your feedback with me. By providing me feedback I can target more of what you would like to read. So by helping me I can help you! Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.


My best to you all,

Todd G. Dattoli, M.S., Human Movement

Peak Condition Fitness                                   


I read an article recently that said that as of September 2008, the U.S. just passed the 300 million mark for total population. Whew! That’s a lot of people!

Ok, so now that the New Year is here, I’m thinking if we exclude babies, kids, young teens and the very old, that leaves approximately 100-125 million Americans who will once again embark on the age old ritual of a New Years Resolution. However, the sad fact is, 4 out of 5 Americans will not achieve the goal they set out to accomplish as their New Year “resolution”.

Ok, before we go any further let’s DEFINE the word “resolution”. In my 14year old daughters dictionary, The American Heritage College Dictionary, “resolution” is defined as, “The state or quality of being resolute; determination. 2. A resolving to do something.”

Why did I define resolution? Because as the facts showing 4 of 5 people failing to keep their resolution(s), the number one reason this happens is because people fail to properly set their goal (resolution) by writing it down and keeping track of their progress.

Zig Ziglar once said that, “A goal casually set and lightly taken will be freely abandoned at the first obstacle.”

You might want to back up and read that quote again, maybe even write it down or print it out, because this one hits the bull’s-eye!

This truly explains why New Year’s resolutions almost never work, and why so few people can’t keep off the pounds after they get rid of them.

Listen, I’m no different than you. I realize that the New Year gives us a chance for a fresh start on things we’ve been procrastinating on, or to finally achieve those big dreams we’ve always thought about, or at least the chance to get the ball rolling in the right direction, because after all, it’s a New Year right? What better time to get the process started with a ‘new lease on life’, leaving the old, blah, dull, disappointing year behind. When the New Year finally arrives, it’s like we have a video game in front of us and we can finally press the ‘reset’ button, right?

In my experience, it’s not often that we actually come up with a “brand new” goal for the New Year. Most of our big goals tend to revolve around common themes – career, relationships, health and fitness, saving money … and we promise ourselves that this really is the year. Definitely. No excuses. Am I right?

In fact, lists

  • Lose weight
  • Manage debt
  • Save money
  • Get a better job
  • Get fit
  • Eat right
  • Get a better education
  • Reduce stress

as the top 8 annual New Years resolutions. Problem is, at the most basic level, these types of goals or resolutions set us up for failure because they are all so broad in concept and often become overwhelming so we end up making excuses as to why we did not achieve our goals.

Another words, what it boils down to is, all the “buts” you had as your excuse for not following through with your goals. For instance, when I looked in the mirror at why I failed to open my new studio, I saw myself answering with many “buts”. “I would of opened my new studio, ‘but’ I didn’t have enough money”. “I really wanted to open my own studio this year, ‘but’ the economy is very bad right now”. You, see, I’m human too.

So, how big is your ‘but!?’ What will your ‘buts’ be this year as to why you didn’t achieve your new goals?

I would have lost 10lbs and improved my fitness … but I

‘had to go to client lunches too often’…
‘worked so many hours I couldn’t get to the gym more than once each week’…
‘was just too tired’…
‘must just have a slow metabolism’…
‘thought that chocolate in moderation was good for you’…

Sound familiar?

Even if you don’t have a big list of “buts” from last year… your health, your fitness, and your self-belief can ALL benefit from a bit of focused reflection in 2008.

In a recent article by, they state that in a Franklin Covey poll of over 15,000 people surveyed for New Years resolutions, more than 35% had broken their resolution’s by the end of January. More than 35% by the end of January! The top contributors to this failure had everything to do with attitude and commitment — meaning they lost their determination. They were not ‘resolute’, therefore, no determination, no resolving of something, no resolution…

Why? The top excuses, “buts” given, were people said they had too many things to do, or they weren’t really serious or committed to the goals they initially set.

So, if you are going to set yourself some type of health and fitness New Years goal for 2009, don’t set yourself up for failure…please. Take it seriously so you can actually achieve your goals and feel better that you did.

All that being said, here are a few tips on how to help you SET and ACHIEVE your 2009 health and fitness goals:

1. Start by deciding your one BIG goal. What’s the main reason you want to improve your health and fitness? Is it to live longer? To look good on the beach? To feel more powerful in the boardroom? Be more mobile to play with your kids? Lower your cholesterol?

2. When do you want to achieve this by? Next month? Or do you get till the end of the year? Be wary of goals that are too far away as you’re more likely to put off the action process!

3. Work backwards from your target month and set small ‘stepping stone’ goals that will help keep you on track. For example – bring lunch from home, cut down the alcohol, hire a Personal Trainer once each week.

4. Keep in mind that you are allowed to change your goals along the way. The process of meeting your ‘stepping stone’ goals might give you different ideas about the big one.

5. Set a monthly or fortnightly time to re-view your progress. Are your ‘stepping stone’ goals working for you, or do they need to be re-evaluated, or stepped up a notch?

6. Measure your progress. Set monthly targets that revolve around facts and figures – such as lifting a certain amount of weight, running 5k’s under a certain time, or losing ‘x’ many inches around the waist.

Bottom line folks… consistency is key. One ‘good’ week followed by one big ‘but’ is not going to get you anywhere except back where you started come December ’09. Quite possibly with a bigger B.U.T.T!

Make this the year you finally follow through with all your resolutions and can look back with immense satisfaction, not to mention looking and feeling great!

‘Those who say it can’t be done are being passed by those doing it’

To your health and and awesome 2009,

Todd G. Dattoli

“Peak your health, Condition your body!”